hook on the rocks

08 Sep Well Hooked – in Falmouth

Hooked On The Rocks – Falmouth

We like Falmouth. The harbour with its Maritime Museum and the narrow lanes with independent shops selling stuff we actually want, like books and vintage clothes, and vinyl and chocolate, and ice cream, and proper pottery. It remains, thanks partly to the art college, a real town that hasn’t rolled over on to its back for chain stores and tourism.

The son of some friends of ours, a biker who, when he’s not customising motorcycles, works in a Falmouth restaurant, gave us a heads up on Hooked on the Rock, a seafood place overlooking Swanpool Beach. Arriving without a reservation and with Asta wasn’t a problem; she got a bowl of water and we were shown a table inside a ‘tented’ terrace hanging over the beach.

Kim and I don’t argue as a rule but we came close to it studying the menu: inexpensive tapas  between £2.50 and £4.50 a portion; oysters and fish ‘n chips; the hake special sounded good, and we both enjoy scallops and halloumi. In the event we calmed down and opted for a Hooked Seafood Paella with prawns the size of thumbs and slices of spicy chorizo and samphire in the rice. Asta got most of the chicken. “This is better than any paella we’ve had in Spain,” enthused Kim. 

They do tapas too so while we waited we had some figs stuffed with cheese and marinated sardines. It wasn’t even 7pm on a Monday yet it was easy to see why the place was filling up fast: that view, very good food for all tastes, staff who said lots of nice things about Asta, and an infectious chattiness between the tables.  We got away for £80 sharing a pudding with Amaretto icecream, two tapas plates, a bottle of Portuguese white, and an espresso.

Hooked On The Rocks, Swanpool, Falmouth.
01326 311886/ www.hookedcornwall.com