eccles cake

08 Sep Eccles Cakes

There are many reasons to visit Truro: the cathedral, excellent shops (notably Malletts home and hardware store), the Cornish Halls, and some fine Georgian buildings, notably the terrace of limestone villas along Lemon Street. For us there is only one reason – the eccles cakes on sale at the Cornish Mill and Bakehouse stall on the excellent food market on Lemon Quay every Wednesday and Saturday.

We pride ourselves on having tasted hundreds of eccles cakes across the country and it is our opinion (well, Jonathan’s) that the eccles cakes sold here are far and away the best in the land. A good four inches in diameter, made with crunchy and light puff pastry topped with caramalised sugar, packed with currants, and just a hint of spicy orange peel. They’re good enough on their own (some never get as far as the car before being devoured), although served with a generous dollop of clotted cream they are sensational.

Try to get there before late morning; these eccles cakes have something of a following in the south west and often sell out before lunch. Cornish Mill and Bakehouse do lots of other traditional breads and cakes – jam Victoria sponge, vanilla butterfly cakes and a hefty lardy cake. But if all you have in your pocket is £1.50 go for the eccles – it’s the real deal.